Nutra-Dip Continuous Tri Meter YM-2006A

Nutra-Dip Continuous Tri Meter YM-2006A

---------- Tri-Meter (ORP/EC(CF/TDS)/pH/Temp) Continuous Monitor ----------------------------------------------

Product Name:
pH·ORP·EC·°C ·CF·TDS Test Meters Monitoring

Model/Article No:  YM-2006A
Minimum Order:     100
Delivery Time:7
Supply Ability:5000
Quality / Safety Certification:CE 9001

Product Description: pH/ORP/EC(TDS.CF)/Thermometers Meters Monitoring


---- Range
pH: 0.00 -- 14.00pH                  
ORP: from 0-1000 mV.
EC:0.00 -- 19.99EC
°C: -50°C -- 70°C  
°F: -58°F -- 158°F
CF: 0.0 -- 199CF                      
TDS: 10 -- 19990ppm

--- Resolution:
pH: 0.01pH                               
°C: 0.1°C                           
°F: 0.2°F
EC: 0.01EC                   CF:0.1CF                 TDS:10ppm

---- Accuracy
pH: +/- 0.03 pH
EC.CF.TDS :+/- 2% F.S

---- Operating Temperature: 0°C-- 50°C
---- Automatic Temperature Compensation: 0°C--50°C
---- Batteries: DC9V/100mA or Rechargeable  battery
---- Dimensions: 136x93x34mm
---- Weight:250g

Specifications YM-2006A
--  I am the manufacturer of the YM Instrument Co,.Ltd. in China.

  The YM provides excellent reliability and is the only one with a temperature( degrees F. degrees C ) ORP.TDS.EC.CF.pH function.

Product Origin: YM Instrument Co.,Ltd.
Model Number: 5000
Brand Name: YMJDEA

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